Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mission accomplished

Our trip to Japan had a purpose, besides fun, it was for Yasu to renew his driver's license. 

His Japanese license expired when we lived in the States. We could not renew it from there, so we both took an American driver's exam and passed, easily. We were going to swap our American licenses for new English ones, but unfortunately, the UK does not regard the American license good enough. I guess someone has told them how easy the exams are in the States.

Thankfully, it is possible to swap Dutch and Japanese licenses for English ones. I have a Dutch one and now Yasu has a new Japanese one. Soon we'll have English ones.

Now that the official part of our trip is over, it is time to enjoy all that Japan has to offer: food, friends and fun!
Since the license renewal is in Akashi, we started our food adventure with eggy octopus balls (akashiyaki). Look at the joy in this boy's face when eating his country's delicious food:
Dinner was chicken wings (tebasaki) from an old Nagoya favorite, Yamachan, which finally opened up shop in Osaka as well. So good.

We have a long list of people to meet up with here and tonight we met up with Natsuko and Tomomi, two old AEON coworkers. It was lovely to see these two ladies again.
And we did purikura!

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Lia Mohr said...

So, he is allowed to drive again! Omg, tell me when he will so i can stay in my house ;-).