Sunday, July 07, 2013

American Owl Giveaway

We've been living in the USA for almost 3 years, so we've got to enjoy loads of American holidays that we used to only see in the movies. This week America celebrated its birthday on the Fourth of July with loads of barbecues and fireworks. My husband and I went to a Major League Baseball game (Yasu is a huge fan of baseball) and after the game we watched a beautiful display of patriotic fireworks while sitting on the grass of the actual baseball field. It was amazing and made me want to create an American owl for this bi-weekly giveaway.

This owl keychain has the American flag's stripes on the front and stars on its back. You can gather a total of 4 entries to win this owl keychain. One by leaving a comment on this blog post, another by reposting the giveaway on instagram (reposting multiple times does not increase your entries), a third by liking+commenting on the giveaway on facebook, and a fourth entry by sharing the giveaway on your facebook wall. He will be given away in two weeks, good luck!

And here's the winner of the last owl giveaway:

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Eve Michele Como said...

Aw, can I please have the USA owl? My 21st was even stars and striped themed :)