Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SambaFunk's Oakland Carnaval Explosion

Photo by Mass Confusion
Today, SambaFunk got together in a park in Oakland for another celebration of Carnaval. The weather was not as nice as yesterday in San Francisco and not everyone came, but we still had an awesome party in the park and we paraded for 2 hours through the streets of Oakland.
This is SambaFunk parade joy in one of Oakland tunnels:
We also took time to take group photos with our different sections. Yasu was part of the Obolo section of dancing SambaFunk men:
And I was part of the Bateria section of SambaFunk musicians:
I'm a little sad Carnaval is over, but I am so happy that I was so involved this year. I went to dozens of dance and drum classes and rehearsals, attended planning meetings, and I was part of the costume squad. That meant that besides helping out at the many costume workshops, I also spent a lot of time creating felt patches at home. I was proud to see so many SambaFunk dancers and drummers wearing my patches:

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