Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two new licensed CA drivers

Yep, we passed. Yay!

After some serious studying (and a lot of true to form procrastination) of California’s rules and laws of the road, we took our written exams last Wednesday. We had appointments so everything went very smoothly and quickly at the DMV. We’d done a bunch of practice tests at home, so I wasn’t worried. But Yasu was a tad nervous and very relieved after we both finished and passed.
Next was planning the behind-the-wheels tests.

First, you need an appointment; you can’t just show up for a driving exam. All Bay Area DMVs are booked solid until the end of January, except the one in Walnut Creek. For some reason it has a very wide array of available exam slots. Perfect for us and our hurry to get Yasu a valid driver's license again.

Also, one needs a car with the proper insurance. We don’t have a car, and we couldn’t rent a car with Yasu’s name on the contract as an insured driver due to his newly expired Japanese license. Luckily we have a lot of friends with cars and after some asking around we found one that was willing to sacrifice her day with us at the Walnut Creek DMV.
This time Yasu wasn’t too worried, and I was more than a tad nervous! Thankfully, we did get to practice a bit before our exams. We even did some parallel parking on a very busy road with the occasional dangerous driver (not us).

The actual driving exam was easy. Almost ridiculously easy compared to the Belgian driving exam I did a long time ago. And the best part was that there was none of that horrible parallel parking this time! We did do some parallel backing, but even I can do that easily and confidently.
In hindsight, the exams were easy and nothing to stress about, still I was so happy to be done with them! I now have two driver’s licenses, an American and a Dutch one, yet no car to enjoy my double driving rights in...