Friday, January 25, 2013

Photoshopped new business cards

I'm almost out of business cards, but I've been procrastinating on ordering new ones. I don't just want to reorder my old style of cards; I've had it since 2009 and I want something new. I always order minicards from Moo, because they are simply awesome. And when I got an email telling me everything is 25% off until Sunday, I finally got to work on designing some new business cards. 

This meant finally trying out the free Photoshop Elements that came with my new Bamboo Tablet. I know that software can be used to do the most amazing things, I'm not there yet, but I'm still pretty pleased with the design for the back of my cards:
I knew I wanted my black and white logo on the fron of my cards but I also wanted a splash of color. I love color (no surprise there, I'm sure) and it's impossible to pick a favorite. Thankfully, Moo allows a different image for each of your cards, so I came up with twenty different versions. Which color is your favorite? I'm torn between light green, blue and eighteen others!
I like to use stickers on my packaging, so I also ordered a batch of matching stickers:
So, now I'm off to go sit next to mailbox and wait for the new goodies to arrive.


♥Ắçĕ♥ said...

Ahh, these are so cool! My heart flutters at the sight of anything purple, but all of these are lovely ^_^

Louana van Luttervelt said...

Purple is another favorite of mine, hence I devoted the whole back of the card to that color!

Lia-Louise said...

I like the light brown on the left and both blue's also on the left. Those are my new collors!!

Louana van Luttervelt said...

Your new colors? You already choose these colors for your bedroom walls in Neerpelt in 2005. Perhaps we can officially call them your favorite colors, now ;)?

Lia-Louise said...

Okay! Thats fine with me!