Thursday, September 27, 2012

Decorate your ears!

Plush creatures are cute, but what does one use them for? 

Well, why don't you use them to decorate yourself? Let's hang some from your ears! That way these cuties can keep you company throughout the day.

On very magical days they will tell you how pretty you look when you are in front of a mirror, give you pep talks before important meetings and exams, and whisper fairy tales into your ears when you’re waiting for the bus. Or does that only happen to me?

Sewing tiny things like these on a machine is quite the challenge, but they turn out so darling it's definitely worth the effort. 

Go on, go check them out on Etsy, you know you want to.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Harry, thank you!

Owls are popular.

I blame Harry Potter for this.

Or rather, I thank Harry Potter for this, because now I get to create many version of this cute animal in different colors of felt, upcycled upholstery fabric, and buttons.

I've put these in the shop, and now I kind of want to make some more. Maybe soon.

The Grand Plan

I am a perfectionist.

It's a blessing, but mainly it's a curse. It just takes so much time to do things perfectly, so I'm always behind and perpetually trying to catch up. This blog is the perfect example! No pun intended. Will I ever catch up? I mean, I still have to blog about my trip home from Japan in 2009, and all the other ones that came after that.

My husband thinks the easy answer is to just stop being a perfectionist, but I just can't not try to do things perfectly. It's an obsession that's been with me since I can remember. As a teenager, I was constantly rewriting entire pages of homework, just because of one little mistake. Sure, I had Wite-Out, but I really hated the look of it as it was still obvious there was some mistake under it. So it needed to be redone, completely. It should come as no surprise that I was always behind on my homework.

Thank goodness for computers, word processors, and delete buttons! These have made my life so much easier, if it weren't for these, I would never have finished my Master thesis.

I can't give up my perfectionism, I'm addicted to it. Yet, there's nothing perfect about my time management, and that can be painfully overwhelming.

With the help of my ever supportive hubbie I came up with the Grand Plan in the picture. This is supposed to help me feel more in control of my time. I really hope so.

Coupons for nerds

My friend Rita from Mochi Studios works at a San Francisco internet startup called NerdWallet. NerdWallet provides indie sellers with an online coupon tool to help promote your shop for free. It's still in its Beta stage, but it already looks really promising and interesting. 

So I signed up and created some coupons for nerds, or anyone else that chooses to make use of them.
And today I got featured on their blog! It's a really nice interview which makes me look way cooler and more interesting than I feel!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Spooky but cute

This year I will be on a plane for Halloween, I'll be flying to the Netherlands to go home and celebrate my mother's 50th birthday. So, I may not be around to celebrate Halloween this year, but I love holiday traditions and seeing all the spooky things appear on shop shelves this season. And on my virtual Etsy shelves a bunch of spooky but cute ornaments have also appeared:
Besides the screaming ghosts the handstitched skull ornaments have made another appearance this year as well:
Happy Halloween everyone, maybe I'll wear my horns on the plane...