Sunday, June 17, 2012

A new record for the Netherlands

Yasu is on retreat with his practicum group so he wasn't able to join me at the Dutch Consulate to see the last game of the Netherlands in the Group of Death. And because Yasu wasn't there this morning to keep me sane, I totally lost my mind and left for the game an hour early. Oh well, better too early than too late, right?

Jenny joined the European football viewing fun instead. There were a lot less people than at the other two games, I wonder if most had already given up hope, and unlike the other games almost everyone was watching the game on the smaller TV screen in the living room setup. Jenny and I watched the action on the large screen though and she really did her best to cheer on the Dutchies and curse at the Portuguese with us. 

While we were watching the Netherlands-Portugal game on the big screen, we kept an eye on the Germany-Denmark game on a small Mac screen, after all it was important that Germans beat the Danes in order for us to even have a chance to advance to the next phase.

Well, the Netherlands scored in the first 20 minutes and we all exploded with cheers and claps and little dances on the spot, but soon the Portuguese took over and basically destroyed the Dutch team. The Germans won and the Portugese won, and the Netherlands broke a new record: losing all three games in the group phase of a championship. 
I really enjoyed cheering on the Dutch team though, and I'm definitely doing it again at future championships. I just really hope to see them win once, I still haven't watched a game they won, and they're usually pretty good at winning.

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