Monday, May 28, 2012

Carnaval in San Francisco

Today was the big day, the day of the big Carnaval Parade in the Mission in San Francisco. I know actual Carnaval took place in February this year, but in San Francisco they shift the event a couple of months to be able to take advantage of better weather.

King Theo has been encouraging everyone in class to participate in the parade, and even though it sounded like fun, I didn't feel quite confident enough after just four classes to dance with all the others in the parade. Instead I opted to cheer on everyone from the sidelines, and so did Jenny.

We took Yasu and David with us to admire all the beautiful Carnaval dancers and floats. SambaFunk! was the most impressive contingent in the parade, and yeah I realize I may be biased, but just look at them:
After the parade the party continued on Harrison street, where SambaFunk! performed on one of the stages and afterwards took its drumming and dancing party to the street.
It was so much fun, it's hard to describe. It's actually quite addicting, and I really regret not signing up to participate in the t-shirt section of the parade. Now I have to wait one whole year for Carnaval to come back to San Francisco. Thankfully, samba classes continue twice a week!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The chicken or the egg

Just before Easter I made some plush eggs and plush chickens. I don't remember which I came first, but I do know that I listed the eggs first on Etsy and that I've only just listed the chickens on Etsy this month.
No matter which came first, the chicken or the egg, I know that in between came the cute little baby chicks. And my colorful clutch of chicks is now happily clucking away on Etsy as well.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Loulogue + 11th monkey = eleventh monkey

I have had my personal blog called the Loulogue since 2006. I used it as an online travelogue to keep my family and friends at home up to date on my daily adventures in Japan. After eleventh monkey creatures started making a more than regular appearance on the Loulogue, I decided to devote a whole new blog just to them.

Which was a bit of a silly decision for me, because I'd been having a hard time keeping my one blog up to date, and adding a second made it even harder. Oh well, lesson learned! Time to merge my blogs back together.

Since I am the eleventh monkey (I chose the name because I'm born on the eleventh in the year of the monkey), I'm combining all blog posts (about my creatures and about my personal life) under my new blog name "eleventh monkey". And Blogger has finally made that webaddress available again so it's perfect timing.

So from now on this is the place to be if you want more eleventh monkey shoptalk or see what Yasu and I are up to in San Francisco, and don't be shy, I love comments!