Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy 2012!

It's a new year, and so I feel like organizing! The last few months of 2011 were very busy and I kind of made a mess on my computer, file-organization-wise. I made so many tiny owls for the craft fair, and even though I did squeeze in a little photoshoot before they got packaged, I never got around to editing the pictures and showing off all their adorable little faces on the blog.

Most of the tiny owls were adopted by friendly people at the craft fair, but these four are still looking for a hug-happy home:

If you want to adopt any of these hop on over to Etsy, or stay here to see more pictures from the tiny owls' family album.

These guys are the boldly colored cousins, I made only one in each color of felt:

I used jeans-y blue embellished eco-fi felt to make these six guys:

I really like the effect of the embellished felt and made a bunch of brown brothers:

I used beige-colored embellished eco-fi felt to make these lovely ladies:

These uncles are made from black embellished felt:

And these feisty looking aunties are made from embellished bordeaux felt:


ief said...

Eén en al vrolijkheid, ziet er weer mooi uit!!

Candice said...

Adorable! They're so full of personality :)