Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vegas, baby!

When the Dutchies were here in June, we went to a hilarious hypnosis show in Vegas and we ended up with free tickets for another time. We didn't really want to drive all the way back to Vegas to use the tickets, but we couldn't find anyone else who was going there before the tickets expired. So I decided to check how much it would cost to fly to Vegas. 

I didn't really expect to find something affordable, since we're living on a student budget. But one quick search on Expedia later we were booking a trip to Vegas for the week of our second wedding anniversary! Five nights in Vegas and a return flight from San Francisco airport was only $151 each (including all taxes and fees)! A steal.

That's how we ended up at Las Vegas airport tonight! And of course the first thing we saw was a bunch of slot machines, inviting us to gamble fresh off the plane. Hmm, no thanks...

Vegas Airport

A shuttle bus took us to the Imperial Palace in the middle of the Las Vegas strip! We love the location because we're going to have to walk everywhere. The theme of the hotel is Japan, so we feel right at home. The casino itself is a bit outdated, but the hotel part is great! The rooms are large, clean and comfortable, and we have a great view from our balcony.

Imperial Hotel

Yay, we're in Vegas again! It's my fifth time and Yasu's second time, for some reason this place never gets boring.

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