Sunday, December 04, 2011


Today we went to Lafayette, a small town in the East Bay. Ever since we've visited a friend there last month, I've been obsessed. It's such a beautiful and peaceful place and it smells so nice, like trees, none of those dirty city smells they have in San Francisco. I guess I'm really getting old, when I dream about living in the suburbs instead of in a big city.

I've been checking Craigs List a lot, a lot! I've found some nice places in Lafayette, which we've been checking out today, but we've decided we can't really afford an increase in monthly expenses... Oh well, it was fun to imagine ourselves living in those wonderful apartments, especially the ones that have laundry and a swimming pool on site...

They also have a lot of nice shopping in Lafayette, so that's how we tried to distract ourselves from the fact that we would not be moving here anytime soon. My favorite shop was the party shop, they had loads of fun things for, you guessed it, when you want to throw a party! Like plastic tableware in every imaginable color, thousands of balloons, and even party flags from our homecountries! There were a whole bunch of Dutch flags left, guess there aren't a lot of people celebrating the Netherlands here.

And if your party requires any kind of facial wear, this was the place to get it as well. We liked the glasses:

We also found a thrift store in Lafayette, and since I've read so much about thrifting on so many blogs, I wanted to see what a thrift store was like and see if I could find us a little treasure. We came out with this little cabinet, which I intend to use as a display item in a future craft fair:

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