Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Celebrating Yasu's 28th birthday

He will forever be younger than me, but at least it's good to know that he's getting close to thirty as well. He turned 28 on Friday! Since we're living on a student's budget we're not doing birthday gifts or anniversary gifts these days, so my only gift to him was a big birthday kiss and a gathering of friends.

We went to Japantown for some shabu shabu and to catch up with some of our favorite people! Afterwards we went for some drink at a bar called Double Dutch, which was fun, but there was nothing Dutch about it ;).

At his practicum place people get to do whatever they want for their birthdays and Yasu had an interesting idea. He wanted to play air samurai. His practicum buddies were all supposed to attack him, he would slash them with his fictional samurai sword, and the others would die spectacularly. It went splendidly, and he'll forever have this hilarious video to relive it:

My mom sent us a huge box with Yasu's birthday presents and also some early Christmas presents for the both of us. Which made us both happy!

She got the birthday boy a lanyard for his keys in orange (the Dutch national color and therefore Yasu's favorite) with "Yasu's keys" written on it in Dutch. She also found him a nice tshirt with a Dutch bicycle traffic sign (Yasu really enjoyed biking around in the Netherlands) and some upside down Japanese characters. And of course his favorite snack: Knoppers.

We would have waited to open the Christmas presents until the 25th, but she was too anxious to see how we like our gifts. She ordered us some customized iPhone covers, an eleventh monkey one for me and Yasu's had a picture of me on it! She also got us the most adorable Dutch coffee cups we've ever seen, some Dutch coffee to go in it, much needed coasters, and Dutch peperkoek for me! 

Katherine and Kosuke took us to their favorite sushi place tonight and treated us to the best sushi we've ever had in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, the restaurant is very much out of our normal way, but it's surely is worth a long trip on the Muni bus. This was the first time I ate sushi in America and felt like it was real authentic Japanese sushi! The sushi was so good and we were so busy eating that I totally forgot to take pictures of the food, oh well,  we'll just have to go back again.

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