Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bye Vegas

Today we're going home, just in time for Christmas. One last thing Yasu wanted to do before leaving Sin City was have coffee at Mon Ami Gabi, the sidewalk cafe at the Paris casino. We'd walked past it many times and he was always a little jealous of the patrons, but thought it would be too expensive for us to enjoy it.

But after a facebook recommendation from one of his friends last night, he'd made up his mind, he wanted to try that place anyway! So this morning after checking out at the Imperial, and about an hour before the airport shuttle would pick us up, we hurried down the Strip to the Paris for some brunch at this cafe.

Luckily the wait for the outside patio wasn't too long, and soon we found ourselves with coffee, some delicious and complimentary French bread, and brunch right on the Strip in the warm Vegas sun. It really felt like being back in Europe, which is exactly why it was so attractive to Yasu. It was a great way to end our trip, complete with one last Bellagio Fountains show which we enjoyed from our table.

Mon Ami Gabi

Now, we're at the Las Vegas airport where they have some pretty neat wall art of famous cities. That's Yasu hopping on a cable car on his way back to San Francisco from Las Vegas.

Hopping on the cable car back to San Francisco

Our improvised and unplanned trip to Las Vegas was epic. We have lots of memories, a bunch of iPhone pictures (I didn't use my Canon at all), a vicious cold (thanks to our Eiffel Tower Ride), and even a DVD with my Vegas performance to bring back. And even though this was my fifth trip (and Yasu's second), I think we'll be back, it's just too much fun!

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