Monday, October 10, 2011

Owls, owls, owls - Part three

After sewing on all the white parts of the eyes and beaks, it was time to have some fun with my supplies again. I got out several boxes of buttons, organized by color and size - I love that kind of thing - and got to work selecting button eyes for all the owls. It always surprised me how long this process takes. First, I have two find buttons that are the same which can be a time consuming challenge because almost all my buttons are vintage and I'm lucky if I can find a matching pair. And then the buttons need to find a home on the owl that they work best with, and I did this 36 times! Choosing the ribbons was a lot easier, because I only have 6 different colors, so I just made 6 loops of each color for the owl ornaments.

After sewing all the buttons on by hand, which I need to do very slowly to not exacerbate my arm injuries,it was time to sew with my friend the sewing machine again!

After sewing almost all around the owls bodies, it was time to stuff them. This is my least favorite part because the American polyfill I use these days, just falls apart in little pieces around me and makes a huge mess on my clothes and on the floor. Soon I'm going to check out some Japanese 100 yen stores and see if they sell some of that Japanese polyfill that's so wonderfully soft and never left a mess, I really hope so.

Now that they're all stuffed it's time to sew them closed and make sure they all have ribbons to hang them from! They're almost done, come back tomorrow for part four ;).

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