Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Graduation unicorns

Have I ever mentioned what became of those unicorns? I don't think so... Well, I did manage to finish them on time, all the way back in May.

Five of these unicorns were destined to be graduation gifts and I've been told they've all made their new owners very happy and that much love has been bestowed upon these hug-happy horned horses already. Yay!

Iris the Unicorn was born at the same time as these graduation unicorns and she has finally joined her fellow green relatives in the shop.


Lia-Louise said...

Strange enough i like Anna Leah the most. I know, i dont like yelow but Anna gives me so much sun and brightnes. Snappie?

Louana said...

She's my favorite too!

dimi said...

Oh, they're all so cute!! Kisses :)

Louana said...

Thanks dimi!