Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A peek at my worktable

Well, I'm done cutting all my scraps of felt, and most of them have been turned into parts of future skulls. And after cutting all that yummy felt, it was hard for me not to start sewing, so I gave in. Carefully, with my arm and wrist locked into two braces, making it look like a robot arm, but sewing nonetheless. And this is what has become of it so far.

I wonder when all these skulls will be done, photographed and posted in the shop... Well, don't hold your breath. Especially, since tomorrow is a special day: my birthday and the first day of a ten-day road trip! Yay.

I loved combining all the different colors of felt, and the different buttons, for the skulls. I spent many hours figuring out all these different combinations. What's your favorite color combo? I can't choose between fuchsia-orange and teal-lime.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

A thank-you bird

My husband is a graduate student and he's working on his Master in Psychology. And last month, he had to conduct play therapy with a child for his studies. I came along to see him play with his friend's two year old daughter. That little girl was really sweet and adorable, and she did so well that I made her a bird, in her favorite colors, to thank her for playing with us.

I heard she loves the little felt bird and calls her 'One Eye'. And my reward was this lovely thank-you note from her and her mom. Isn't that just awsome?

Her mom drew the lion on the purple card and pasted the monkey sticker on it. I love it too, because it's so applicable. My birthday is in four days, so I'm a Leo, which we simply call 'lion' (leeuw) in Dutch and my Chinese zodiac is a monkey (which is where 'eleventh monkey' comes from). Anyways, it's fun to give gifts and to get wonderful thank-you cards!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Graduation unicorns

Have I ever mentioned what became of those unicorns? I don't think so... Well, I did manage to finish them on time, all the way back in May.

Five of these unicorns were destined to be graduation gifts and I've been told they've all made their new owners very happy and that much love has been bestowed upon these hug-happy horned horses already. Yay!

Iris the Unicorn was born at the same time as these graduation unicorns and she has finally joined her fellow green relatives in the shop.