Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cooking practice

When the Dutchies are here in little over a week, I want to welcome them with a nice home cooked meal. And I want to impress them with something they've never tried before. Guido is quite an adventurous eater, so I'm not worried about him, but my mom can be quite picky and strict about what kind of foods to combine in a meal. Some of the things I've cooked since we've moved to the States sound downright scary to her, and others just weird. So I kind of want her to try something scary and weird like that and I really hope she'll like it.

So I'm practicing some new things this week and I hope to find some good menu items for their first night here. Tonight, we're having Tomato Peach and Basil Salad, and Roast Beef with Slow-Cooked Tomatoes and Garlic.
Cooking practice

The dressing for the salad was a tiny bit scary to me, but I made it just as described and it's delicious! I have no idea how the roast beef will turn out, as I've never roasted a beef before, I'm not sure I bought the right cut of meat (it's so confusing) and I'm using that roasting pan for the first time.

I kind of feel bad for Yasu, though. He's doesn't really like tomatoes and, like my mother, he doesn't think fruit should be 'cooked' with. But I'm trying to expand his culinary horizons, by just exposing him to things he thinks he doesn't like. Thankfully, he's being a good sport about it.

When I first got to Japan there were loads of things I didn't like, like miso soup, barley tea, curry rice, and more. But my taste changed over the years I was living there and I now love the things I used to hate. So that's what I hope will happen with Yasu. Besides he absolutely loves tomato salsa with his nachos, so I think him not liking tomatoes is just in his head and I'm trying to make him realize that. And I also used to think that fruit was just to be eaten as it is, but every time I eat a meal with fruit cooked into it, I love it. It gives the meal something extra and surprising.

Yasu is almost home from his seminar and then we're going to have dinner! And after that, I really have to get back to booking hotels and reserving a rental car for our road trip! So many things to do before the Dutchies get here!


dimi said...

These look yummy!! Yashu is the guy! I absolutely hate tomatoes but I enjoy tomato sauces! That's not weird in my head since I have issues with the slimy texture of raw tomatoes (especially when it's greenish on top of slimy!!ewwww), which dissolves when cooked! Maybe that's why you should spare your poor hubs! Have a lovely time with your Dutchies!! Hugs :)

BumbleBri said...

i totally started drooling all over myself at the mere sight of this fantastic food! I sure it was DELISH!

Louana said...

@Dimi, he actually kind of liked the tomatoes, but he's still not a big fan of fruit in his meal. But he loves peaches as they are! What do you mean slimy texture of raw tomatoes?! Hehe, I absolutely adore tomatoes, especially raw, not such a big fan of tomato sauces though... go figure!

@BumbleBri, yeah it was delicious! Especially the meat, which surprised me because I'm not good at cooking beef. I loved the salad too, except for the basil.