Friday, April 01, 2011

Steep streets

I know everyone knows San Francisco is hilly, I've known ever since I watched Full House as a child. Still it still impresses me when I'm walking down, literally down, a street.
San Francisco street
It doesn't picture as spectacular as it looks in real life, you'll just have to visit me to see it for yourself! What also doesn't show well on a picture is how arduously steep these streets can be when you're walking uphill.
San Francisco street
The best way to see how steep a street is to look at the front of a house and compare how much lower on side of the house goes than the other.
San Francisco street
The first floor on the left turns into a basement on the right and the second floor on the left turns into the first floor on the right.
San Francisco street
There are countless pretty street and house views in this city!


the dizzle said...

i kind of miss those hills... i remember staring in awe when i first saw the sidewalks that have very narrow short stairs going up them cos the hills were so steep! i also miss seeing homeless dudes riding down the hills on their grocery carts :)

dimi said...

It must be good exercise and i love the architecture and style! Kisses