Saturday, March 26, 2011


I love Starbucks, always have, ever since I first discovered it in London more than 10 years ago. It's rather difficult not to love Starbucks when you love to drink coffee all day long. The concept of take-away coffee was pretty new to me then and I loved it! Now I could drink coffee while walking on the street. Awesome. I also love their new simplified logo:
Starbucks is also special to Yasu and me, as a couple. I remember the day that our relationship went from "people who live in the same dorm but prefer to ignore each other" to "people who are special friends". It was in 2004 at Starbucks in Emory, Yasu was studying there and I was supposed to do some customer behavior research for my marketing class, but the place was packed and the only empty seat was at Yasu's table. Neither of us got our school work done, instead all we did was talk for hours and get to know each other. It was our unofficial but magical first date.


Kait said...

Ah yes.
I have learned so many things from Starbucks, though virtually nothing relating to my studies.

Yay for unofficial magical first dates!

(I like the new logo as well; I was unsure at first but now I prefer it to the old.)

Manda Jane said...

great story! thanks for sharing!

dimi said...

I really dislike starbucks! Their coffee is nice, but dead expensive and it was the first store in Greece that smoking was prohibited! (not good in my dictionary.... I still smoke ok? Let's not get into that!!). But aren't first dates the greatest?? And I'll say it again, you guys belong together... such a cute couple! Kisses Lou!

Dallas said...

I feel the same about Tim Hortons in Canada! When my fiance and I started dating and well still now 4 and a half years later, late nights are spent conversing over Tim Hortons coffee {they are open 24 hours}, or if we go on long drives we always have to get our Timmies :)

Jamie said...

That is an adorable first date story! My bff works at Starbucks, has for almost 3 years now and she loooves it! I don't really go into Starbucks on my own, I'm too cheap so I only go with her and get the employee discount =P