Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rainbow batter

I'm not really good in the kitchen, so when I try out things I need all the help I can get. As you can see Betty Crocker was very helpful with this project:
The recipe on the back of the box just called for egg whites, but I'm not good at separating the yolk from the white, so I bought a carton of egg whites at the supermarket and used that instead. I made the batter and divided it over six bowls:
I added tiny amounts of food coloring (this stuff is really strong) to each bowl to create these six different colors:
I spooned the batter into cupcake papers. You're only supposed to fill the cupcake papers for about 75% but I wanted all six colors in each cupcake, so I ended up overflowing the papers with way too much batter:
I was already in love with all the colors at this point, and was hoping that they would still be pretty after their stint in the oven. Come back tomorrow to see how these cupcakes turned out!


Manda Jane said...

hey fellow Indie student! I absolutely love this idea... cupcakes are my 'thing' but I've never tried this! inspired now to do so. thanks for sharing!

Dallas said...

AWEEE they turned out great, they look so awesome!! Icing is is super hard for me even when the tops are still on so good for you!

Kait said...

These look delicious!

Bonita Rose said...

OMG... so so fun!
Love these! Can i come over and have one? LOL
are there any left?

Louana said...

Yes you can, there are sooo many left!

kristy said...

love those cupcakes super cute