Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Monster Moose

I designed the angry moose for my brother Djamo, who's in a band called Monster Moose. He asked me to make his band a mascot and I came up with this angry moose ornament, which they can hang from the drums during a performance.

The band consists of three members and I decided it would be fun if they all wore their own little moose badge on their clothes when they perform, so I made three more moose in rebelious colors, which I hope matches their style of metal music.

I've sent the four moose off to Belgium to live with my brother and he's sent me a picture of when the angry moose attacked him! I hope he'll send me some pictures of his band on stage wearing the moose badges.

Making the felt versions of moose was the easy part, the PDF pattern has proven to be a LOT of work. Still editing and thinking of the right words to go with my step-by-step picture guide. It's coming along, but coming along slowly. Back to work!


Anzouya said...

hahaha the picture of the angry moose attack is hilarious!

Earl-Leigh said...

They are so cute!

Jamie said...

these are adorable!!

Kim said...

Those are so cute! Only you could make a moose cute. Them things are ugly real life! We regularly have them in our front yard and they are not the nicest of creatures. I wish mine were orange and green!

Erin said...

Those are awesome! I made a moose tote bag last spring. Just for fun.