Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another birthday

There are so many people and all of them have birthdays once a year! Today was Bradley's and we went to a sushi bar near school to celebrate that. We were really happy Bradley chose a Japanese sushi bar for the occasion, because we were in need of a fix of Japanese food!
We had some delicious sushi, tofu, salt-baked mackerel, octopus and Yasu had his much beloved katsu-don (fried pork, onion and egg over rice). Without a doubt, food is what we miss most about Japan! I also had some umeshu (plum wine) and the waitresses talked to me in Japanese and I understood them and answered them! Succes.
The food pictures were a bit dark, so when I tried taking pictures of the lovely people at the table I used flash and the pictures were too bright. Conclusion, my Hipstamatic app is not suitable for evening pictures.
Samantha (Anna Leah's roommate), Bradley, Yasu, me, Hannah & Anna Leah (Hannah's younger sister).

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