Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My Super Bowl commercial top 3

I really enjoyed watching the Super Bowl game at a friend's house yesterday. Two weeks ago she taught me all about the rules, so this time I knew exactly what was going on, when I was paying attention that is, because we were talking way too much! Girls...

I was also very excited to see the special Super Bowl commercials. I heard they are supposed to be a big deal and I'm a big fan of funny and interesting commercials. But again, we were talking too much and the gist of most of the commercials were lost on me. So tonight I watched them all again online, yeah I'm such a commercial nerd. I was pretty impressed by most of the 66 (!) original Super Bowl commercials, and I even have a top 3!

# 3: The Pug Attack by Doritos
The running pug looks cute, but I was scared the bully was going to hurt him with his mean trick. But the pug is super powerful and puts that bully in it's place and eats his Doritos.

# 2: The Saluting Beaver by Bridgestone
Oh my, that beaver is so cute. He's cute when he's almost run over, he's cute when he salutes the driver for swerving around him, he's cute when he saves the driver's life 6 months later. But he's the cutest when he does that fist-to-chest bump!

# 1: The Darth Vader Kid by Volkswagen
I even got this commercial when I saw it live on TV, because the tiny Darth Vader was so adorable  even us stopped talking to watch him in action. I love his reaction when he thinks he starts the car and how he looks back at the house to see if anybody saw him do it.

There were also numerous commercials with famous Americans in them and of those I liked this second commercial with Eminem the most (he also starred in some ice tea commercial).
I like this commercial because of the impressive shots of Detroit, the drama of the commercial and the music. Oh, and I think Eminem is cool and I love his music.

Can't wait to see next year's Super Bowl and all its commercials! What a fun American pastime.


Erika Lee Sears said...

Pugs are very powerful creative. I know I have two of them. :)

Louana said...

And apparently super-strong as well!