Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Happy birthday Gy!

My little brother is turning 20 today! Yeah, that's right he's more than 10 years younger than me :). Oh, how I wish I was still that young sometimes. He's just turned adult, in Japan, but he's got one more year to go in the Netherlands. 
He'll always be my little brother, his nickname is actually "The Little One", but he's not so little anymore. Still, I thought I'd honor his twentieth birthday with a selfmade card with loads of pictures when he was still little. Here are two of my favorite pictures of when The Little One was actually little:
Doesn't he look adorable with his huge shovel and sitting in the kitchen sink? 

Happy birthday, Gyano!


Lia-Louise said...

"Die kleine..." alweer 20...grijze haren krijg ik ervan!!!! ;-))
Maar toch houd ik wel van 'm hoor!

Louana said...

Ik ook!

MarySew said...

oh gosh, the last picture is so cute! happy birthday Gy