Friday, February 18, 2011

A day in pictures

Took the Muni bus in the morning.
With my new umbrella.
Because the rain was relentless.
Went to see my physical therapist to work on my tennis elbow and thumb tendinitis.
Had to sit up (because my low blood pressure always makes me dizzy when I lie down) when he stretched my arm, hurt my elbow to loosen the tendon, treated me with ultrasound heat (machine on the left table), and when he put a huge heat pack (on the chair/bed) on my arm.
Waited in the waiting room for a letter of recommendation for a thumb brace.
Bought this thumb stabilizer at CVS.
Hung out at Starbucks with a new book by my favorite author.
Enjoyed a view of the San Francisco rain and the movie theater while talking to my little brother (in the Netherlands) on iPhone Facetime (love the free WIFI at Starbucks).
Met up with Bradley and Hannah.
And my husband.
For a huge American dinner at Denny's.
And an interesting and slightly scary movie across the street.
Had a great day.


San said...

Sounds like a great day.... is the movie theater the one close to the Moscone Center? It looks so familiar ;)

Louana said...

Yes, it is! Good eye, San.

San said...

Ha! I knew it!
I walked by there many times when I attended a conference back in December at Moscone West! ;)