Wednesday, January 05, 2011


We went shopping for a space heater today. We found one, we're using it right now, it's making us a little warmer. That's good.

It's right next to our feet under the table, so we're no longer freezing, but we're still wearing layers and my nose is still as cold as a dog's. Now, let's hope it's not an energy hog which will end up costing us more than using the expensive central heating.

We also bought some other stuff, like this iPhone case for me.

Apple provided all iPhone 4 users with free cases, which was nice. But I broke mine in the first week, and have been using my iPhone caseless for months... I've dropped it a few times and I'm scared of really breaking it someday soon. A case is necessary for me!

And look at this cute little Singer sewing machine!

I bought this for eleventh monkey, I really hope this will make me more efficient, because sewing everything by hand just takes forever. But first, I'll have to learn how to use it...


Erika Lee Sears said...

I drop my iphone case too :) but it's still working!

You will love your sewing machine- it makes everything sewing related easier.

Lia-Louise said...

Tijdens het werken aan je naaimachientje heb je het niet koud! Gui heeft ook en heatertje voor zijn voeten als hij boven werkt, hij zit dan ook bij het raam en als je de hele dag stil zit heb je het vlug koud. Voor elke voet een kussen en dan nog een heater... wat wil je nog meer?!

Brianna said...

Hi, Lou!
It looks like you and Yasu are having an amazing time in the States!
I haven't been on Blogger much since I've been back in America, but I am going on another adventure soon called the World Race. I have a blog on their website:
I would love to put you on my mailing list and send you some newsletters, etc about my trip and preparation - if that's okay with you, could you e-mail me your address?
Talk to you soon!