Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our one-year-old secret wedding

A year ago today, Yasu and I got married in Osaka, in secret. Now that we live in the States it’s no longer a secret and I can finally show off our pictures of that day.

Don't expect pictures of us looking like a groom and bride or a wedding cake, our wedding was a very non-weddingy happening. It was just the two of us and our stamps at a very boring and busy City Hall. Our witnesses (my manager and a coworker) signed the papers beforehand at school, and we signed and most importantly stamped (stamps with your name in Kanji are more official in Japan) the papers at City Hall.

Then we handed in the papers and were told to wait among hundreds of strangers, called back a couple of times to clarify things, told to wait again and finally told that we were married. Just like that, no "Do you take.." or "I do", just "Okay everything's taken care of, you're married. Next!" A bit disappointing and a strange realization that all of a sudden we were husband and wife. 

We celebrated our sudden marriage with a lovely 'Happy Wedding' package from my parents including faux champagne, heart lollipops & chocolates, and soap bubbles.

After our little celebration over Yodogawa river, we biked to Osaka's tallest building, the Umeda Sky Building, which we listed this building as our official address on the marriage documents (don't worry it's legal). We had a pink heart-shaped lock engraved with our names and the date and locked it forever (at least that's the idea, we'll see when we visit with our kids in twenty years) on top of the Umeda Sky Building. 

We also wrote little messages to our new spouse on star-shaped paper ornaments for the building's Christmas tree. And then we quickly headed to the airport to start our two-week honeymoon in Guam!

This wedding was necessary for us to be together now, we've done the (extremely) long distance thing for more than 3 years, and we absolutely did not want to do it again. We'd already been together for 6 years and we knew we were going to be married someday anyway, hence our non-happening of a wedding.

But someday we're going to get married properly, complete with the suit, the dress, the cake, the rings and wedding guests. But that's one expensive party, so that'll have to wait until we can afford it. But we're together now and that's all that matters. And tonight we're going to celebrate our first anniversary as a married couple. 


Yasu said...

It was an interesting experience for me too. We turned in the paper, and done! And now we don't need to keep it secret anymore. How easy it is! I love you my love, let's celebrate our one year anniversary! mmmmmmmmwah

diane said...

happy anniversary!

lots of love to both of you.


Lia-Louise said...

Congratiolations at your first anniversersary!!!
Hop to the next!!!
Dikke vette kussen, XXXXXXXXX