Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The other Bowl

A while back we went to check out this amazingly impressive supermarket in Berkeley that Yasu heard about at school. We weren’t very impressed and later learned we went to the wrong one, so today we went to the right one: Berkeley Bowl West.

And again we weren’t impressed, especially since Yasu was told that this one was 8 to 9 times larger than the other Berkeley Bowl. Ehm, not really, not even twice as big. Both Bowls are quite similar, the second one is newer and a bit cleaner though. And there’s a free shuttle from the BART station to take you there, which is nice for non-car-owners like us.

There’s one thing I really do like about both Bowls and that’s their produce department. They are rather sizable and their produce is actually fresh. Which seems to be quite an accomplishment in this area.

But they don’t always have the right sizes: either too tiny or too large. Grocery shopping isn’t always easy in the States.

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