Thursday, December 09, 2010

Happy birthday Yasu!

Almost 7 years ago I met Yasu for the first time, he was just 20 and a little weird (at least in my opinion). This is a picture of us on our first real date 7 years ago, during our last week in Atlanta. Two young people who had no idea idea that 7 years later they'd be married and living in the States again.

And today we celebrate his 27th birthday! One year closer to my 30 years of age, but I'm afraid he'll never catch up with me. I already suggested a trade, because age just looks better on men, but he doesn't want to swap with me. Lucky man. As long as we're together he'll never have to feel old.


Adrik said...

happy birthday yasu!!! people born on the 9th of december are the most amazing people :P
you both look exactly the same as seven years ago! <3

Lia-Louise said...

Hey Yasje, happy birtday to you again!
And you know what, im home at your day!
And next year when we are there with you and Lou we gone give you a little birthdayshower!