Friday, December 10, 2010


When we lived in Japan we went out to dinner at least once a day, but here we eat our meals at home. It's cheaper, healthier and usually tastier too. But today was a special day, so we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate Yasu's birthday. 

We bought ourselves a Groupon for Rocketfish, a Japanese tapas restaurant somewhere in San Francisco. The food was very nice but extremely expensive, even with a 50% discount from Groupon. So I wouldn't really recommend this place unless you have way too much money to spend, or are in a hurry (service is uncomfortably quick).

In the spirit of being frugal we decided not to do gifts anymore, not for anniversaries, not for Christmas and also not for birthdays. But I felt really weird about not having a gift for his birthday, so when Yasu was at school today I made him a tiny keychain. We always get our keys mixed up, so it was a functional gift too. And Yasu loved it!

But my real birthday surprise for him was waiting at home. I baked him an actual birthday cake and decorated it myself. It consisted of two layers, a red velvet on top of a french vanilla layer, cream cheese frosting and nuts everywhere. The baking and frosting the cake weren't that hard, but the decorating was. 

YouTube videos make anything look easy, but writing '27' and 'Yasu' on the cake was a challenge, to say the least. Still the end product looked colorful and pretty happy, thanks to hundreds of tiny chocolate chips.

But what matters most was that Yasu was so surprised and happy to see the cake, to blow out the candles, and of course to eat it! It was his first time to receive such a personalized birthday cake. Even though we just celebrated his birthday between the two of us today, he let me know it was the best birthday he ever had! Success!


Lia-Louise said...

Indeed! A very nice cake and euhm... would you please, please make a cake when we are there? But then with a chocolate layer?

Tyggereye said...

Aww that is so sweet!! I love the keychain you made him! You should add those to your etsy. I want one. The cake looks delicious!! Success indeed!!