Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grocery shopping

We weren't able to get all of our groceries at the Berkeley Bowl this week so I convinced Yasu to come with me to the local Lucky, to get the rest and to experience a huge American supermarket. Which is quite a spectacle for us foreigners, and that's why Yasu wanted to go the Berkeley Bowl. But we ended up going to the wrong one, the little sister of the original Berkeley Bowl, rumored to be the biggest supermarket ever. The one we visited was a bit dissapointing, but we'll go to the big Bowl for sure someday soon.
We started off our Lucky's adventure with a little Starbucks date, and I got to try the Peppermint Mocha coffee, which was good but tasted more like hot cocoa than coffee. Then Yasu got to be impressed by Lucky's. Not the produce department - which is really below par,  I've never seen so many soft tomatoes and fungussy strawberries in my life - but by the long aisles of hundreds of sodas, chips and cereals, packaged meats, huge turkeys, and the enormous frozen food department. Also quite different here are the size of things, just look at the sandwich Yasu is holding! 
There is so much to see and buy in the typical American supermarket and it was quite overwhelming the first time I went there. My trip to the grocery store takes me about two hours every week, and Yasu now understands why. I just wish I had a car to bring everything home in, but for now my crappy American bike and huge Ikea bag will have to suffice, to bring our food home.


Yasu said...

I love supermarkets, and Lucky's is good. Things are in crazy size like the picture shows. Let's go grocery shopping again :) mmmmmmmmwah

Lia-Louise said...