Sunday, October 24, 2010

Virtual reality

Today we met up with Katherine and Kosuke, another ex-AEON teacher with a Japanese boyfriend in San Francisco! We met eachother online years ago, when she asked me some questions about AEON and stayed in touch a bit on facebook and today we met eachother in the flesh! I love it when something virtual turns into something physical.
Katherine is also an counseling psychology grad student like Yasu, but at another university, and Kosuke is learning English now and wants to go to grad school soon too. It was really fun to meet them and hang out with them, talk for hours and sample the many delicious fruits and vegetables on sale at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market.
If you're ever hungry and out of money, go to this farmer's market! We ate so many yummy samples and tried fruits we'd never seen before, some good and some weird. I ended up buying something called a pluot (mix between a plum and apricot), destined to be breakfast tomorrow.

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Lia-Louise said...

I can see, you had a great time together!