Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Observing while jumping

One of Yasu’s tasks for a take-home exam, was to observe an infant or child for 30 minutes and write about his findings. It’s for a human development class. So today we visited one of Yasu’s school friends, who was nice enough to let Yasu study her daughter. During his studies he jumped around a huge trampoline with her.
If Yasu hadn’t known anyone with a child, the professor suggested to go to a mall and ask parents if he could observe their child for half an hour. Ehm... That’s seem like a good plan to get the cops called on you, so Yasu was really happy he didn’t need to go that far.
Anyway, it was really fun, the girl was adorable, and I always love to see Yasu interact with children. Someday he is going to be such a great father to our children!

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Lia-Louise said...

I can't wait...;-))