Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My first cupcake

I read a lot of creative blogs mostly written by American ladies. Very popular on these blogs are cupcakes (and tattoos, but they don't interest me much). I'd never eaten a cupcake, but I have sewn cupcakes because they look cute. I promised myself that once I got to the States I would try a cupcake, or maybe more than one. And today on Ghirardelli Square we found Kara's Cupcakes, so I convinced Yasu to have a cupcake with me.
We got a vanilla-coconut cupcake and a chocolate-coffee cupcake. I wanted to try a red velvet one, because I really can't imagine what that'll taste like and it looks pretty, but they didn't sell that. It goes without saying that the cupcakes were delicious, especially the frosting.


considerthelillies said...

mmmm, they look and sound very delicious! Glad your first cupcake was a good one!

diane said...

yay! your first cupcake! very fun.

and kara's are really delicious...you made a good choice.

i love reading about your san francisco adventures!