Thursday, September 09, 2010

Japanese goodies

We ordered a bunch of stuff online last weekend, and packages are starting to arrive. But it hasn't been easy for the delivery men, because we don't have a doorbell on our building. It looks like we do, but the machine isn't hooked up to anything. After one failed delivery attempt I put up a notice explaining the doorbell doesn't work and to call my cell instead, but that didn't convince the UPS man. Luckily the building manager caught the UPS man on the street and took the package from him, but UPS is delivering more this week and the building manager isn't always hanging out in front of our building... 
Luckily, the Fedex man was convinced by my notice and called my cell, and the USPS man has a key to the building, because the mailboxes are inside, and walked up to the fourth floor to deliver the packages to my front door. So far, they've delivered printer cartridges and printer paper (printer still on its way), a guitar tuner (capo still on its way), and Japanese sauces and rice (ricecooker still on its way).
The online goodies (on the left), combined with the goodies that we brought from Japan and misosoup from Japantown (on the right) will enable us to cook a true Japanese feast, once the ricecooker gets here that is. But until then I'm pretty happy cooking with potatoes, I really missed that while living in Japan.

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