Thursday, August 19, 2010


Apartment hunting is over, it didn’t last too long though. Spent hours at Starbucks and the Apple store (while waiting for new shipments of iPhones 4 to vain) on craigslist (quite a messy website, but very useful nonetheless), we visited 4 places and this morning (just before Yasu left on his 5-day school retreat) we decided place #5 is going to be our new home! It's by far the best place, it stands out so far from the others that our deicision was really easy. And it's also way cheaper than the others!
I’m moving in on Saturday, after a trip to Ikea with the building manager to get us some furniture and other necessities. And Sunday when Yasu returns he will come home to our new home not some hotel. Although, we feel lucky to have found an apartment this quickly, we’re still hunting for iPhones 4. But the friendly people at the Apple store gave us two iPhones 3GSs to use until the new 4s arrive, very helpful.

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