Friday, July 16, 2010

Saying goodbye to my coworkers

Saying goodbye to the students was hard, but of course saying goodbye to my coworkers was harder. Our last teachers meeting in my classroom:

We also had a nice picnic in my classroom after work, laughed a lot (a lot!), and exchanged presents. I'm so happy they liked the 'eleventh monkey weirdos' I made for them. 

Tomomi, Yuko, Eddie, Yuka, Keiko (a.k.a. Manager), Duncan, Kazuko, Miyuki, Natsuko and Katie.

I've never been part of such an awesome team before. Everybody helps each other and everybody loves each other. I was so lucky to have been placed at AEON Senri Chuo, these people have made my life in Japan so much more enjoyable, and I'm sad I won't be sharing my life with them anymore. I miss them already.

I was pretty strong and didn't cry all day until that very last moment on the Osaka subway when I saw Miyuki cry. Then Tomomi also started to cry and then the three of us probably looked like idiots to the other commuters on the train. Especially when I hugged and kissed them both right there on the train  (things the Japanese never do in public). Looking at back at them from the platform in Umeda we burst out laughing through our tears and the public spectacle was complete. I only wish I had a picture, yet I'll never forget the sight of the two of them sitting there laughing, crying and waving at me, when the train took off. It was the perfect last memory to make...


Yasu said...

Lia and I just read this post. You cried,,, something we all expected.
It is sad to say goodbye but it is good that you had such a wonderful memory and friends. We are thinking of you here mmmmmmmmmwah

Brianna said...

Oh, my gosh - I completely understand! It was soooo hard to say goodbye to my students and co-workers and I still miss them so much!
But you have another great adventure coming up in California...I'm sure you'll have an amazing time. If you make it over to the Midwest, stop by Michigan and visit!

Dan J said...

Aw... bai Louana. (And Brianna) (Actually, all of us didn't work too far away from each other we could have said hello.) Same thing, if for some absurd reason you are ever in NZ, I can make a great tour guide ;) And I will make you some frybread.

Louana said...

Well, thanks Brianna and Dan! And if either of you ever find yourself in San Francisco you're welcome too!