Monday, June 28, 2010


During this giveaway Mr. Cupcake received the most love from giveaway participants and Mr. Ice Cream Cone didn’t seem to be so popular. But amongst my Japanese students Mr. Ice Cream Cone was the most popular and Mr. Cupcake wasn’t liked much at all. Wonder why? Perhaps because they don’t sell cupcakes in Japan and most students didn’t even know what he was.
Anyway, let’s see who won! Unfortunately, my cute assistant is not available this time to draw giveaway winners, so I simply used an online random number generator. And it resulted in these three winners:
Congratulations ladies! Please, email your addresses to


Meg said...

Yay, how exciting! I am emailing my address to you now! Have a wonderful week!!!!

Miss Makes-a-lot said...

i just stumbled upon your pretty little blog, i love your creatures :)

Rachel said...

WOOOHOOO!! That's so awesome! Thank you!

Ladybastard said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OMG I think its the first giveaway I win!!! *__*
OMG I'm so super happy yayyy!
I'm sending my address ;)
Love you soooo much <3

Sal said...

aww they are adorable!! i have blogged about lil sal! and i took some pictures too, come see :)