Monday, June 28, 2010


During this giveaway Mr. Cupcake received the most love from giveaway participants and Mr. Ice Cream Cone didn’t seem to be so popular. But amongst my Japanese students Mr. Ice Cream Cone was the most popular and Mr. Cupcake wasn’t liked much at all. Wonder why? Perhaps because they don’t sell cupcakes in Japan and most students didn’t even know what he was.
Anyway, let’s see who won! Unfortunately, my cute assistant is not available this time to draw giveaway winners, so I simply used an online random number generator. And it resulted in these three winners:
Congratulations ladies! Please, email your addresses to

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mrs. Chantal

She did it! She got married! Congratulations Chan :). Enjoy the honeymoon.

My mom took a few quick pictures for me to get an idea of her big event. As you can see, I was present through my wedding monkeys and Chantal looked beautiful in her dress. Can’t wait to see more pictures.


Giveaway closed: Winners will be announced on Monday!

Last week I taught several really fun sewing classes at school! Students got to choose their favorite sweet treat from three examples and sew it in class with me. And I sewed three extra badges to give away on my blog, because I had so much fun during my first giveaway! Meet Mr. Ice Cream Cone II, Mr. Chocolate Chip Cookie II and Mr. Cupcake II. And someone took a bite out of poor Mr. Cookie because he looks so delicious.

So this time I’ll be giving away three little handmade friends, so there will be three winners!! How can you win one? Just follow this blog and tell me in the comment section of this post which one of the three sweet treats you’d like to win. Make sure to do this before 11:59 PM (Japanese time) on June 26th! Good luck everyone:)!

Oh and here are the sweet treat badges that were created during the sewing classes last week by my adorable students:

Congratulations, Chantal & Henk!

Chantal is my mother’s younger sister and I’ve gotten used to thinking of her as my hip single aunt. She’s only twelve years older than me, and I’ve never even called her ‘aunt’, just Chantal. A couple of years ago she hooked up with Henk and they’ve been inseparable ever since. And after today she’ll no longer be single, because she’s marrying her hunk Henk today!

Unfortunately, I can’t make it to the wedding, because I won't be home until next month. Which is a shame because I'd love to see Chantal get married in her cream colored dress, but I’ll just have to see it on video. To celebrate her special day, I’ve made some wedding monkeys, because Chantal's Chinese zodiac is monkey, just like mine. I hope the bride and groom have a wonderful wedding and make today one of the most precious memories they'll have.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My third and last series of sewing classes

The best thing about special lesson weeks here at AEON is that us teachers get to teach something really different for a change. And I my case that means I get to teach sewing classes! This is the third time I'm doing this and this was by far my favorite kind of sewing class. 

The first time we made some fish, ghosts and ice lollies, but that was before I had found a good felt supplier so we used felt from the 100 yen store and they didn't really have great colors at that time. The second time was for Valentine's Day and we made hearts and kisses. Then we did have awesomely colored felt, but our creations didn't have faces, and stuff is just cuter with faces and buttons for eyes.

And this week I taught five classes in which we made cupcakes, cookies and ice cream cones and they all had faces! Look at all these pretty ladies working hard on their favorite sweet treat:

This class was also the most successful of the three, because our creations were a little smaller, I did some preparatory sewing for each student sewing and I made everyone use a running stitch in stead of the more complicated blanket stitch. Students mostly finished within the hour and they all loved their little badges: 

I've taught at AEON for more than three years and these were absolutely my favorite classes! Wish I could do a few more before I leave Japan.

And the winner is...

I had so much fun organizing this giveaway, I'm going to do it again! Check back soon, another giveaway is coming this week.

See the monkey I made for the winner in the colors of her choice.