Friday, May 14, 2010

Leaving Japan

After more than 3 years of living and working in Japan I’ll be leaving on July 20th! It’s both sad and very exciting because we’re moving to the States! First, I’m flying home for a 3 week vacation and to celebrate my thirtieth birthday. And then, I’m flying to San Francisco, my favorite city in my favorite country, where Yasu will start grad school in August. I can’t wait.
I’m still here for more than two months but we already put up the farewell party posters and farewell messages, yesterday. This is much, much earlier than normal, but some students had already been notified (accidentally) of my departure through a letter, so it was time to spread the news to everyone.
Of course it’s not fun to upset the students (the reaction is often an accusatory “Why?”), but their being sad at my leaving makes me feel very appreciated. And I can usually make them feel better by reminding them that we have more than two months left, that they can still join one of my sewing classes, and that we’re finally going to have another big school party with lots of food and great drinks! I’m going to miss my students, they’re really the best part of the job.


Adrik said...

yatta! congratulations!! i know how much you looove the states :P can't believe it's been 3 years wow

JessieB said...

hi Louana. i am planning a west coast indie girl retreat in july, but it looks like you will just miss it :( bummer

Louana said...

Yeah :(. But it sounds interesting though, what will you guys be doing?