Monday, April 12, 2010

The house of Nijntje

Everyone knows Miffy. But not everyone knows she’s Dutch or that her real name is Nijntje. Nijntje is like a nickname for little rabbit, so the name is very fitting, but I guess it’s too hard for non-Dutchies to pronounce so when she’s abroad they call her Miffy.
Nijntje is immensely popular here in Japan, and of course even more so in Huis ten Bosch. They’ve got a whole house dedicated to her. I like Nijntje and her friends, because the drawings are so simple yet brilliantly obvious. And Nijntje is Dutch, like me :).

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Vera said...

Nijntje blijft leuk :D ben daar nog niet geweest! ziet er geweldig uit!! Veel plezier!