Sunday, April 11, 2010


In Utrecht one can find the Domtoren, and in this theme park’s Utrecht one can find a replica of the Domtoren. We went all the way up to enjoy a nice panoramic view of the park.
The park is pretty big and there’s also a large area of private homes which are all built in the Dutch style. I wonder who can afford to live there. It was fun to see everything from above but seeing the rooftops of all the buildings did remind me this was all fake and just a stage set to make you believe you’re in the Netherlands.


Lia-Louise said...

Ziet er gaaf uit! Leuk om klein Nederland in het grote Japan te zien.

Minke said...

Zeker leuk om het grote Utrecht hihi in Japan te zien:)....had je hier weleens op de Dom gestaan?!;)