Monday, March 01, 2010

Mrs. Kindness

Way before I moved to Japan, Yasu worked part-time at a small company in Kobe. Next door was an insurance office where a very friendly older lady worked. He always referred to her as Mrs. Kindness and always talked very fondly of her. Today I finally met her over lunch in Kobe!
Her real name is Masumi, I only found that out last week, and her English is amazing! She only studied English at a conversation school for one year and self-studied the rest! Her use of idioms was especially inspiring, and besides that she really is super kind and really interesting! It was great to finally meet her.


Yasu said...

Indeed, that was really fun :)

Lia-Louise said...

Ze ziet er een beetje grappig uit...;-)

Louana said...

Haha, dat is waar. Ze is ook grappig, trouwens.