Monday, March 01, 2010

I do like sake

Before today I’d only had sake once, I bought a cheap cup of sake at a konbini in Yokohama and it tasted like rotten rice. And I was convinced I didn’t like sake. Still a visit to a sake brewery is always interesting, so today Yasu and I visited the Shu-Shin-Kan brewery in Kobe. This brewery still uses traditional handcrafting techniques to produce their first class Japanese sake called Fukuju.
After a tour of the brewery we sampled a lot of sake, even Yasu who detests the taste of alcohol. Surprisingly, I really liked all of their sakes, from dry to sweet and even bought two little bottles. I thought Yasu was enjoying the sake as well, but he later told me he was just being polite. Of course, we didn’t just get drunk there, we also learned how they make sake.
The tour started with a video in English for my benefit, explaining all about sake and this brewery and then we went through the factory and saw all the machines while the tour guide re-explained everything in Japanese. It was very interesting, I love factory tours. Next, I want to visit a plastic food factory!

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