Monday, March 15, 2010

Eyes for Lies photo-shoot

One of my favorite blogs on the internet is Eyes for Lies, I've been reading it for years. It is written by a real-life truth wizard and she’s a natural at identifying clues to deception. She often evaluates suspects of real crimes and it is fascinating to read her opinions. She recently had a poll on her website and discovered she has readers on every continent and asked us to show her where we live. So this weekend Yasu and I went out and took pictures for her in Osaka.
These are two of my favorite spots in Osaka. Yasu is posing at Yodogawa river with the Osaka skyline and the Umeda Sky Building right under his arm. I’m in Namba on the Ebisu bridge over Dotonbori canal running with the famous Glico Man.
Osaka is the city where people eat till they drop, and ruin themselves by extravagance in food (kuidaore). Osaka’s regional cuisine includes takoyaki and okonimiyaki (mentioned on the sign behind Yasu) and kushiyaki (held by the freaky statue Yasu is imitating). Crab is also very popular here on the Dotonbori, both to eat and to take pictures with.
The whole Dotonbori is a huge tourist attraction here in Osaka, so Yasu posed once more with the whole street in the background. And I posed once more with the extravagantly decorated (including an actual working ferris wheel) discount store, Don Quijote. We took a lot of pictures for Eyes for Lies today, but we narrowed it down to these six favorites. I hope my online friend likes them!


Eyes said...

I LOVE THEM!! Thanks Yasu and Louana!!! Thanks for showing me Osaka!

Yasu said...

It was very fun! Thank you Louana. You're welcome, Eyes :)

Minke said...

That´s Osaka! Cool!