Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back in school

My online class has started and I’m working hard to be a good student. Of course, I needed a place to keep all my hard work safe, so I made a binder. The cover is decorated with hand-cut felt letters, buttons and of course a little monkey. I also made my own dividers with pretty polkadot sheets and hand-sewn felt tabs. Oh, how I love felt!
I’ve also registered a domain! I wanted, but some domain squatting company already scooped that up :(. But, is mine! And for now, just links to my blog.


Minke said...

Cool! Ga zo door!!!

Tyggereye said...

Congrats thats awesome!

Lia-Louise said...

Ik had je blog al gezien maar net zoals bij Djamo kon ik niet eerder reageren via de foon van Gui... anders hadden jullie beiden een comment gehad vanuit Oostenrijk!
Maar goed, ik vind je binder keicool! En dan die tabladen... zijn ze niet te slap om te gebruiken?

Caitlin T. said...

i love your felt tabs! what a cute idea!

Louana said...

Moem, die tabbladen zijn gewoon van dun karton, alleen de tabs zijn van vilt. Dus, no problem!

Minke, Tyggereye & Caitlin T.: Thanks!

Pigwidget said...

Hello fellow classmate! Just wanted to pop by and thank you for following my little dolly b'log and say again how much fun I thought your portfolio was. I am also grinning with pleasure at all the little felt creatures staring out at me from this page - however could I chose a favourite (though the cow is a good contender!) See you back in the classroom, soon!