Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Teaching stitches again!

I wish my desk always looked like it does in the left picture, when I'm preparing for classes. And I wish that students always do what the student does in the right picture, when I’m teaching them.

That’s right, this week I get to teach another sewing class, like the manager promised! And this one is Valentine-themed. And here is the teacher showing off the examples sewn last month to entice students to sign up for the class.

Students get to sew a felt stuffed heart or kiss with their initials on them to give to some special friend on Sunday. As I expected the kiss is the most popular design, but I like the heart the most.


jacque4u2c said...

What a great class! I am sure your students were thrilled!

Louana said...

Thanks Jacque! The students were so happy with the result and so proud of themselves. Wish I was allowed to post their happy faces on my blog. Best thing is, I get to teach it two more times this week! Yay!

FabĂ­ola said...


Yasu said...

Now you made the students' Valentine's Day even more special :) A wonderful class that seemed to be.