Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cartoon teachers

The online class I signed up for will start next week, and I'm super excited! And I just had to share the cartoon one of our teachers made of herself and her fellow teachers. Aren't they cute?!

I'm already so busy without doing homework for this upcoming class, I'm basically fuelling myself with red bull and coffee on a daily basis as it is... Yet, I really can't wait to get started with this class! Luckily we get to do everything at our own pace, but I don't want to fall too much behind. So I'm sure I'm going to be busier than ever from next week on! Never a boring day, it's great!


Amarettogirl said...

Oh my you are such a treat and special find! I love love love your banner and are all those felties made by you??? Love it! and your story wow love in Japan,,, geez i want to know more - I'm going to bookmark you! So I'm a fellow classmate from your Indie2.0 class you can find me here:
Hope we can be friends!

Lia-Louise said...

Ik vind het gewoon nog steeds ongelooflijk hoeveel mensen je hiermee leert kennen!! Gaaf!

Rachel Beyer said...

Hi there! I'm a fellow Indie Biz student just stopping by to say hello :)

Love your plushy creatures! So adorable!

Louana said...

@ Amarettogirl & Rachel: Really nice to meet you girls!

@ Moem: Ja niet te geloven he? Is internet niet geweldig?!

amanda said...

I'm so glad I checked out your blog because those felt plushies are beyond amazing. I love it! So cool to start visiting some blogs of fellow students and seeing what everyone is creating these days. : ) And thanks for following my blog!


rachel! said...

ohh, i signed up for that class too. i'm soo excited!

and your cows are AMAZING. i love them.

Louana said...

Thanks Amanda and Rachel! I'm glad you like them!