Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thirsty anyone?

Drinks in Japan are weird! I thought that the red bull coke drink Yasu in Guam was strange and disgusting, but here in Japan they create even more insane combinations. Like coke and beer, appropriately named Cola Shock. Or even worse (or so I imagine, because I’ll never try these concoctions) chocolate beer! But if you don’t like beer, like me, why not have a chocolate cocktail? Or for those that don’t drink alcohol and prefer soda, like Yasu, there’s always some sparkling chocolate!
Unless someone else offers me a sip, I will never sample these drinks. So I will probably never be able to tell you whether these drinks are as revolting as they seem. But a couple of weeks ago I bought warm chocolate coffee from a vending machine at the station, and it tasted like beer and chocolate (really! Yasu tasted it too) and it was absolutely gross.

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