Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eating the rain away

Still on a tropical island in the Pacific, still driving around in the rain hoping for some sun. We spent most of the day driving around the south of the island, and consuming.

As the driver, obviously I was drinking red bull, but Yasu was drinking some too today... In a very weird mix of coke and red bull. It didn’t taste good. Lunch was had at Taco Bell, a place I’ve always wanted to try, and now having tried it, I’m over it. Too much fake cheese sauce gives me an icky feeling in my mouth. And before another visit to the movie theater, we had some dinner at a food court. Not a very tasty Christmas Eve dinner. By the way, the newspaper said that we might be getting some sunny weather tomorrow! Fingers crossed.


Yasu said...

Taco Bell, it was good to try! All the driving was fun although I was just sitting next to you, watching the scenery.

Lia-Louise said...

Ach, je moet wat te doen hebben op die regenachtige dagen heej...